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Changing your Password

To change your password, click -> Jassid.

Read the instructions on what is required in your new password.

  • Enter your username, current password and new password, new password again for verification and press the Change button.
    • If the password change succeeds you should see Password was changed for user <your username>.


Linux Workstations

Machine Name Machine Type Architecture Operating System
ant Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
beetle Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
earwig Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
firefly Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
honeybee Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
locust Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
mosquito Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu
wasp Dell Precision Intel Ubuntu

Windows Workstations

Machine Name Machine Type Architecture Operating System
fishfly Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
flea Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
hornet Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
junebug Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
ked Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
mayfly Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
netwing Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
termite Dell Precision Intel Windows 7
weevil Dell Precision Intel Windows 7

Additional Information

Follow this link: Computer Science Lab


The Login Screen (UNIX/Linux)

  • To log in to an Unix system, type your login ID (usually your last name), and then your password (initially your password is your student ID, without dashes, e.g., 050403) not your SSN.
  • The Desktop is XFCE running in Xubuntu.
    • To get to a shell prompt:
      • Drag mouse to the bottom of the page and click the terminal icon
      • Click blue icon top left of screen, Accessories->Terminal Emulator
      • Right-click on desktop and click Open Terminal Here
      • or use the keyboard shortcurt Ctrl+Alt T.

Logging in with SSH from another Unix System

  • If you are already logged into one of our Unix/Linux workstations you can simply type ssh <linux workstation> from the Terminal e.g ssh ant.
    • Upon first connection you will be prompted to verify the key fingerprint, type yes. Then you will be prompted for your username & password. After a correct password is supplied you will have a shell.
  • If you are logging in from another Unix/Linux workstation that is not in the lab you will need to use ssh <linux workstation> e.g ssh and supply your username & password or ssh <username> and just the password.
    • First connection requirements above still apply

NOTE: A list of the Linux Workstations can be found at the top of this page or by following this link Linux Workstations

Logging in from a Windows Machine (Machine not in the CS Lab)

Download a program called Putty. Get putty.exe, Save this file into the C:\Windows (XP/Vista or 7). At this point you can press the start menu, run and type putty -ssh

Logging out of the System

When you are finished using the system, please be sure that you log out.

  • Click on your username, top-right of screen and click Log Out

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